Out of the Blue 2014
A new look
Gallery re-opened upstairs
Filled with Art by

Neil Davies
Sarah Brown

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Beautiful Exclusive

Limited edition

Neil Davies Prints


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Also Downstairs:

Neil Pinkett, Terry Frost, Joan Gillchrest,
Glyn Macey, Gerry Plumb, David Briggs,
Mary Stork, Robert Jones, Kevin Safe,
Kurt Jackson, Paul Lewin, Elizabeth Blackadder
Barrie Bray, Heather Bray, Mary Fedden
William Waite, Bryan Pearce.
Ceramics and Glass:
Lucie Rie, Bernard Leach, David Leach,
John Maltby, Sarah Nicol,
Neil Tregea, Gordon Whittle,
Kevin Warren, Jo Downs,
Martin Andrews.

Find us:
St Michael's Mount     

Tel no 01736719019